What is the Judgement of non-Christians?

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What are we to believe concerning the resurrection?1

We are to believe, that at the last day there shall be a general resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust: when they that are then found alive shall in a moment be changed; and the selfsame bodies of the dead which were laid in the grave, being then again united to their souls forever, shall be raised up by the power of Christ. The bodies of the just, by the Spirit of Christ, and by virtue of his resurrection as their head, shall be raised in power, spiritual, incorruptible, and made like to his glorious body; and the bodies of the wicked shall be raised up in dishonor by him, as an offended judge.

What shall immediately follow after the resurrection?2

Immediately after the resurrection shall follow the general and final judgment of angels and men; the day and hour whereof no man knows, that all may watch and pray, and be ever ready for the coming of the Lord.

What difference will there be between believers and unbelievers in the resurrection?3

  • The believers will rise with glorified bodies and enter everlasting life in heaven with God (Daniel 12:2; John 5:28-29; 1 Corinthians 15:42-43; Philippians 3:21).
  • The unbelievers will rise to eternal death, that is, to shame and torment in hell forever (Isaiah 66:24; Matthew 10:28; Matthew 25:41; Revelation 1:7). Bible narrative: The story of the rich man and Lazarus illustrates that there are only two places (Luke 16:19-31).


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