About – BibleQuestions.info

I’ve been studying Christian Apologetics since 2014, and the amount of information available is overwhelming. During the summer of 2018 I decided I needed to become more organized in how I study, and how to keep track of what I have learned. I thought a blog may give me motivation to do some more in-depth research, especially if other people are waiting to see what I’ve been researching. I’m hoping the blog will answer questions other people have, maybe some of them ones they hadn’t even thought about asking anyone.

I’m interested in investigating aspects of the Bible which aren’t usually mentioned in Sunday morning sermons. The questions I have aren’t necessarily theological, or they might not have a practical application to daily life. For example:

  • Is there archeological evidence to support the history of the Bible?
  • Did any ancient historians write about events mentioned in the Bible?
  • Is the Bible we have really what the authors intend?
  • Did supernatural miracles really occur? Do  miracles still occur?

I currently have several hundred questions on my list, and it could take me years to answer them. Be aware the answers I’ll be giving may be enough to satisfy my curiosity, but they won’t be exhaustive answers.


P.S. – In spite of the name of the blog being BibleQuestions.info, not every post title will be in the form of a question. This isn’t Jeopardy!