About – Paul Gibson

Paul Gibson was first exposed to Christian Apologetics by his high school Bible teacher. About 25 years later he and his wife went to an apologetics conference at their home church, and Paul got interested in the subject again. About five years after that, he decided to start the blog BibleQuestions.info to help him keep his studying organized and share his research with others.

Paul’s parents became missionaries just before he turned five years old. Paul grew up in the Amazon Jungles of Peru, South America, and loved living there. Walking around barefoot, climbing trees and swimming in a lake with piranhas kept him busy (he also reluctantly went to school and did homework).

Paul graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems. He quickly found a job and has been working for the same employer for over 20 years.

Paul and his wife Tammie have been married since 2001, and live in Indiana with their two teddy bears, Mr. Bear and Bobo.