Resources – Documentaries and Movies

This is a list of documentaries and movies I’ve watched while doing research for this blog. Naturally, I’m watching documentaries and movies which I expect will be useful in my research, but not all of them are ones I’d necessarily recommend to other people. Most of these are available on Amazon, so if you’re interested in a documentary, please read the reviews there.




  • Who Wrote the New Testament?. Ebenezer, Caryl (Director) and Williams, J. Mervyn (Director). (MagellanTV, 2016) (from a skeptical point of view)
  • Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Shrapnel, John (Narrator) and Cartwright, Justin (Director).  (Questar, Inc: 2003) (Amazon Video)
  • The Gates of Jerusalem: A History of the Holy City. Kiley, Richard (Narrator). (Questar, Inc: 1998) ( (Amazon Video)
  • The Reliability of New Testament Manuscripts. Evans, Craig A (Narrator). (Lexham Press: 2014) (Logos Bible Software)
  • Unearthed: The Talpiot Tomb. Atkins, Chris (Director). (Exploration Films) (Amazon Video)

This is a partial list of the documentaries and movies I’ve watched over the past few years, prior to starting a blog.


  1. See review Documentary Review: Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle (Part 1)
  2. See review Documentary Review: Fragments of Truth.