Do Christians Need a Bible?

This week's question may seem odd, especially after writing a dozen previous articles on the Biblical Canon, and emphasizing the importance of the written Word of God (Why Create a Written Canon? Part 2). I'll start my answer with this statement: People don't need a Bible to become Christian.

Becoming a Christian

The earliest books of the New Testament (written by the Apostle Paul) were written 10-20 years after the resurrection of...

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Book Review: Evidence That Demands a Verdict, by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell

I recently finished reading the book Evidence That Demands a Verdict: Life-Changing Truth
for a Skeptical World
by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell. I've known of
the book for years, and had someone recommend it to me years ago, but kept
putting off reading it. Now that I'm writing a blog, I need to research the
questions I have. This seemed like a good time to read a classic book on
Christian Apologetics.

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What Types of Questions will be on this Blog? Part 2

If you haven't read What Types of Questions will be on this Blog? Part 1, you may want to start there. I had intended to list some of the topics I want to research in that post, but the post started getting a bit too long, so I decided to split it into two parts. Actually, since I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to write one post a week, splitting the long post into two shorter ones seemed like a good idea; now I have one less to write. 

The list of questions I've written...

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What Types of Questions will be on this Blog? Part 1

The first article post I ever posted was titled Domain Registered, since I had just registered the domain In it, I have some examples of the types of questions I want to research, and my motivations for deciding to use a blog format to keep track of my research.

My second blog post I titled What is Apologetics?, and I discussed why Christians should be able to talk about their...

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Could the Gospel Message have been Accurately Transmitted Orally?

Pastor and theologian Rainer Riesner concludes in his doctoral dissertation Jesus as a Teacher the disciples could have received Jesus's teachings orally, and passed those lessons on to others without corrupting the message.

  1. Jesus spoke with authority to command respect and concern to safeguard his teachings.
  2. Jesus's claim to be the ...

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What is the Elephant of Religion?

I copied this
analogy about truth from the book I Don’t Have
Enough Faith to be an Atheist
by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek:

Easygoing Americans are more apt to believe that no religion is the truth. This sentiment is often illustrated by the favorite parable of many university professors: the parable of the six blind men and the elephant. This is where each blind man...

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What is Apologetics?

Apologetics does not mean saying you're sorry for doing something. Apologetics comes from the Greek word apologia (ἀπολογία), which means "to defend". Christian Apologetics means to defend true Christian teaching against false teaching. The Apostle Paul used the word several times:

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