What Types of Questions will be on this Blog? Part 1

The first article post I ever posted was titled Domain Registered, since I had just registered the domain BibleQuestions.info. In it, I have some examples of the types of questions I want to research, and my motivations for deciding to use a blog format to keep track of my research.

My second blog post I titled What is Apologetics?, and I discussed why Christians should be able to talk about their faith to other people, especially non-Christians. The attitude Christians have when talking about their beliefs can be almost as important as the message they’re trying to convey.

The questions I’m expecting to answer have some Biblical aspect to them. My third post was What is the Gutenberg Bible?, which was the first major book printed on the Gutenberg printing press. How is a 15th century invention related to the Bible? The printing press was a significant innovation which increased education and literacy in Europe, and eventually around the world. The printing press played an important role for Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.

In 2018 the documentary Fragments of Truth1 came out, which is focused on the study of ancient Biblical manuscripts. That got me interested in how the Bible got from the original authors to us. Was the Bible faithfully transmitted to us over the past 2,000 years? Are there ancient non-Christian references to Biblical events? Did the early church fathers confirm the Gospels? What are the oldest existing Bibles? I currently have over 30 questions written down about manuscripts I’ve started taking notes on. (I don’t plan on doing a 30 part series on ancient manuscripts.)

Most of the questions I have (at least right now) have little or no theological significance, and they shouldn’t affect our daily walks with Christ. Since my questions about the Bible aren’t theological in nature, I wouldn’t expect to hear a sermon about them on Sunday morning. They’ll be questions I’ve wondered about, and perhaps other people have, too. I enjoy researching unusual (and maybe a few bizarre) questions related to the Bible. I’m expecting the research and writing for this blog will teach me quite a bit. Maybe my research will benefit and encourage others.



  1. Fragments of Truth. Rhys-Davies, John (Narrator) and Craig Evans (Presenter). (Faithlife Films, 2018) (IMDB.com) (Amazon.com)

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