What Types of Questions will be on this Blog? Part 2

If you haven't read What Types of Questions will be on this Blog? Part 1, you may want to start there. I had intended to list some of the topics I want to research in that post, but the post started getting a bit too long, so I decided to split it into two parts. Actually, since I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to write one post a week, splitting the long post into two shorter ones seemed like a good idea; now I have one less to write. 

The list of questions I've written...

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What Types of Questions will be on this Blog? Part 1

The first article post I ever posted was titled Domain Registered, since I had just registered the domain BibleQuestions.info. In it, I have some examples of the types of questions I want to research, and my motivations for deciding to use a blog format to keep track of my research.

My second blog post I titled What is Apologetics?, and I discussed why Christians should be able to talk about their...

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What is the Gutenberg Bible?

Johannes Gutenberg introduced the movable type printing press to Europe in 1450. The first major book printed on the press is known as the Gutenberg Bible, an edition of the Latin Vulgate, in 1454-1455 AD.

Prior to the printing press, the Bible (and other documents) were copied by hand. The two Latin words manu (with the hand) and scripta (written) form the word manuscript, or "written with the hand".  Scribes took great care to accurately...

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Domain Registered

I registered the domain https://BibleQuestions.info on July 7, 2018. My intent is to write a blog to answer questions related to the Bible. I expect to research subjects which are only briefly mentioned in Sunday sermons, if at all. Some of the questions I've written down might be objections to Christianity which I feel I can address. Here's a sample of questions from my notes, along with partial answers:

  • How many names are used for God in the Bible in Hebrew? Yahweh,...
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